Zhejiang University

ZJU is a top 100 world university, and ranked in China’s top 5 institutions. In addition to Zhejiang’s academic reputation, it is located in one of China’s most picturesque cities: Hangzhou. 


The ZJU campus is vast, green, and set against the West Lake and national park. This is a garden city, and comparatively small against Beijing and Shanghai. Hangzhou was the capital of the Song Dynasty, and the area is steeped in ancient history and heritage, which is at the heart of the Study China programme at Zhejiang.

Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province)

A majestic city where modern and traditional China co-exist. The city of Hangzhou is incredibly scenic with beautiful lakes, mountains, and countryside, alongside a vibrant cosmopolitan city. It is also the home of Alibaba and many start up companies. Of the three host cities, Hangzhou is the least well known, but with its extensive natural beauty, it is a wonderful place to study.     

Only 1 hour by train to Shanghai, Hangzhou provides a good central base to explore surrounding areas of interest.

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