Cost of the Programme

Why should I apply?

  • Enhance your CV – transferable skills that you will acquire during the programme will give you a competitive edge when applying for future employment

  • Global experience - employers actively seek out candidates with global experience in countries such as China.

  • Open up new opportunities – learning a language will open up many different work and study opportunities enabling you to establish strong links with leading Chinese universities and peers from UK universities

  • Pursuing a future career in China - Study China alumni are eligible to apply for scholarships to return to China.

What is funded on your behalf by the UK Government:

You will live in your Host University's international student accommodation

Study China will arrange airport pick-up and drop-off on specific days

You will receive 40 hours of Mandarin language tuition

Itinerary includes trips and activities such as martial arts, calligraphy, tai chi classes.

What you need to fund:

(If required)

Additional funding options:

All universities wish to promote international student mobility. Some universities will have specific funding to help their students to participate in study abroad or short educational programmes.

Several universities are now providing funding and assistance specifically for the Study China programme. In 2019, over 39% of participants received funding, including students from UCL, Exeter, Sheffield Hallam & Bradford (this is not a complete list). 

In our experience the students who have successfully secured funding from their institution are those who have been very proactive in their approach, taking the time to explore all possible avenues of funding.

Where to start:

A good starting point for finding out how to apply for funding or a bursary are the offices listed below. We recommend that you contact them as soon as you are offered a place:

  • International Office

  • School Office

  • Careers Office

  • Student Finance Office

  • Student mobility/WP office

How to approach these offices: 

You are asking for funding, so you need to be able to offer a return on the funding you are requesting.You may wish to consider the following:

  • Produce a blog of your Study China experience, your university can use this on the relevant section of their website to highlight the global engagement of their students. 

  • Offer your services at forthcoming careers and study abroad fairs. You could deliver a presentation to others on the benefits of studying abroad

  • Write an article for your department's newsletter

  • Offer your time as a student ambassador, sign up to provide campus tours for perspective students

  • Produce a photo journal of your experience.

How to contact departments:

  1. Start with a good list of contacts, do your homework and research who you need to speak to.Your university website will provide a list of contacts for all staff and departments.

  2. Send an email. Keep this clear and concise, include a summary of the Study China Programme, why you are participating, why you are requesting funding, and what you can provide if funding were to be made available.
    You will need to follow up on this email, include a line which says you will ring or pop into the office to discuss availability of funding. Make sure you do follow up.

  3. Drop into the office. Ask who you would need to speak to regarding funding opportunities, if the contact is not available ask if you can make an appointment to come back and speak with them.

  4. Telephone. Ask who you would need to speak to regarding funding opportunities, if the contact is not available ask if you can make an appointment to come and speak with them.

In our experience students that took the time and effort to request funding in person were more successful than students who sent out blanket emails to generic department email addresses.

It's likely that funding is available from your university; you will just need to do some detective work. Remember the funding won't come to you, it's up to you to find it.

How can the Study China office support you?

If you are successful in securing funding your university will require official confirmation that you have been accepted on the Study China programme. Upon request, the Study China office will liaise with your university department to provide this confirmation.


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