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Welcome to the new Study China Hub

The new Study China website has been designed to be a functional and informative hub for prospective participants, enrolled students, or programme alumni. Over several months, the Study China team, led by Joana Kembryte, have been building and populating this new platform, to transform your interaction with Study China, form your first Google search of the programme, through to your future studies or employment.

The content of this website has been assembled using the student feedback from the past two years of Study China, as well as Programme Supervisors and senior University colleagues and Government stakeholders. Having gathered this input, we hope this new online facility will greatly improve your Study China experience.

The most important features, that we believe will make a big different to the Study China experience is the new FAQ search engine, on-line calendar, and newsfeed. Through these features, we hope you will be able to find the answers to any questions you may have, and the Study Chain team can also keep you easily updated instead of clogging up your inbox. Furthermore, we have provided a range of guides and useful links to help you navigate through the various aspects of application, phase 1 and phase 2 completions.

The new website, however, is not just for functional or operational purposes. Study China is committed successfully meeting its Key Performance Indicators, central to which is our social responsibility remit. First, Study China, and our DfE funders and British Council sponsors are committed to social mobility. Second, Study China is launching an environmental responsibly initiative, to contribute to the wider HE sustainability effort.

First, we are committed to social mobility, and this is embedded in our mission statement. We strive to ensure social background poses no barrier to participating on Study China, and you will hopefully see this commitment throughout the website. If you wish to discuss this matter or any of the support we offer please do contact us.

Second, we are working hard to meet our environmental responsibility too. We have reduced our domestic and international travel as a Study China, and we operate nearly completely paperless administrative system. A major but unavoidable pollutant, however, is the air travel by the 340 participants each year. In our globalised world, transcontinental flights are a reality, but there are a range of initiatives available to help us offset our carbon footprint. Please see our Environment tab, and consider offsetting your return flights to China. Offsetting return flight from Heathrow to PuDong can be as little as £8, and if you do decide to engage with this fantastic initiative, please do drop us an email to let us know.

Whether you participated in Study China in the last decade, or will be a graduate of the future, we hope this new platform will be of interest and benefit. We especially are excited to hear from programme alumni who have gone onto develop their Mandarin, study or work in China, or have gained skills from the programme that have helped propel your career.

Any comments, feedback, or stores, please drop us an email at


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