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Study China 2020 applications open on Monday, 4 November 2019.

The application window is open until Friday, 7 February, and will close on that day at 5pm.

This will be the longest ever Study China application window as we are committed to improving the student experience in all aspects of the programme. We hope the extended window will ensure you have ample time to write a considered and thoughtful application before the busy Christmas holidays and January exam period.

We strongly recommend trying to submit your application as early as you can, because we aim to fill the programme with high scoring candidates as soon as possible, so there is an element of first-come first-serve. However, the most important thing to remember is that we are looking for good applications—quality supersedes expediency.

Another first for Study China, for applications for 2020, is that we have published our grading criteria, and compiled guidance notes and tips to ensure you are supported in your application composition. Please do refer to these notes, as these principles will both help your Study China application, as well as provide useful advice for other study or employment applications in the future.

We wish you the very best of luck in writing your application, and we will inform you of the outcome of your application on Monday, 10 February. Please keep up-to-date with the newsfeed and the calendar, in order to keep abreast of nay updates, development, and guidance on the next stages of Study China 2020.



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