China Packing List

This list is general and may not include all the items you need. You may not be able to purchase and pack all of these items, and some may not be relevant to you and your travel plans. It will be extremely hot, but also rainy, in August in China; please consider this when packing for your trip.


  • Passport with a valid visa / Flight tickets / Money (cash and a bank card)

  • A photocopy of your passport and documents (keep one copy in your hand luggage and one at home)

  • Travel Insurance documents

  • Printed out travel instructions with the address of your accommodation

  • Mobile phone

  • Charger + portable power bank

  • Weather appropriate clothing and shoes

  • Underwear/Socks/Toiletries

  • Sunglasses, hat and umbrella

  • Your prescriptions (should always go in your carry on!)

Basic medical kit:

  • Tampons - virtually impossible to buy in China

  • Contact lenses and contact solution/ glasses/ eye drops

  • Sunscreen / ‘Aftersun’

  • Mosquito repellent / Insect bite treatment

  • Painkillers / diarrhoea medication / anti-histamines / antacid

  • Antiseptic wound cleanser/ Antibacterial ointment

  • Motion sickness medicine

  • Cough drops/decongestant

  • Hand sanitizer & tissues – public toilets in China do not tend to have toilet roll or washing facilities

  • Bandages

  • Ear plugs – if you are a light sleeper

  • Nail clippers (must be in your hold luggage)


  • Adaptor plug

  • Digital luggage scale

  • Gifts (more about gifts on page)

  • Guide book (with a good city map)


  • Laptop

  • Camera + additional memory card for your camera

  • Headphones


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