Eligibility Criteria

*Update Alert!


Eligibility criteria has now been updated, and Study China 2020 is now open to part-time students, in addition to full-time registered students. 

You have to meet all of the following criteria to be eligible to apply for the Study China programme.

  • * Students at a Higher Education Institution in England or Northern Ireland (those graduating in the summer of 2020 are still eligible)


We welcome students from all degrees, institutions, and levels. By its very nature, Study China is very interdisciplinary, and this helps ensure the programme is diverse, challenging and rewarding.


You do not need any previous experience of studying mandarin. Study China is primarily designed for beginners, but we welcome students of all language levels, and will do our best to accommodate intermediate and advanced speakers.


  • 18 years of age or over on commencement of programme


Study China provides support through all stages of application, pre-departure, and whilst in China. However, we are unable to cover the addition responsibilities required by law, to support under-18s.


  • EU/EEA passport holders


Study China is a truly international programme. Our funding allows us to accept students from across the EU and EEA. In 2019 we received 251 applications from non-UK citizens from across 26 countries.


  • You must hold a passport that is valid till at least March 2021


Your passport must have an expiry date at least six months after the programme. This is a strict visa regulation, and it will be your responsibility to ensure your passport is valid. Please check this early on, as it can be very difficult to attain a new passport and new visa in the two months preceding the start of the programme.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications if you are:

  • Studying at an institution in Scotland or Wales 

  • An international student who pays non-EU overseas fees to study in the UK

  • A student on an Erasmus semester/year in the UK

Widening participation

Social mobility is firmly embedded into our mission statement. The Study China student experience, delivered by The University of Manchester, intends for there to be no barriers to developing a global mind-set, cultural intelligence, and global employability opportunities.

We are therefore committed to do what we can to help all students:

  • Overcome financial pressures preventing access the Study China programme

You will receive generous funding from the UK government for the majority of all associated programme costs, including tuition fees, accommodation, organised trips, and excursions.

Study China will provide you with practical guidance and advice in order for you to locate other potential funding streams.

  • Fair access for students

Study China is open to eligible applicants from any subject discipline and welcomes students of any language ability, from absolute beginners to advanced speakers. No previous travel experience is required. 


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