East China Normal University

ECNU is Study China’s most established operational partner, and they always go above and beyond expectations to deliver a brilliant experience. Like all of the Study China host institutions, ECNU is a Double First Class University, residing in the elite group of China’s top universities. Established in 1951, it is the first national normal university of the People's Republic of China. 


The campus, originally built in the countryside outside of Shanghai, still is awash with greenery and open space today, has seen the megacity grow up around it. The accommodation is besides a lake and park, and is walkable to the Global Harbour shopping centre and metro links into downtown Shanghai.

Find out more about East China Normal University: http://english.ecnu.edu.cn/


Shanghai, as a historic shipping and trading hub, is a city steeped in world history, and this is reflected in the architecture and atmosphere. So much about Shanghai is inextricably connect to the world, from the colonial nineteenth century Bund, the Lujiazui Skyline, to the French Concession. Shanghai is the perfect location to learn about China and its history with the west. 

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